January 3, 2014

Snow Day Fun Freebie

I have to tell you...I am loving that today is a snow day! Just the fact that I didn't have to travel in the blizzard like conditions this morning made me so happy! Sleeping in was a nice perk too :)

On a side note...my co-teacher and I have been navigating through two new curriculums...EngageNY for math and ReadyGen for reading. I don't mind EngageNY so much...the lessons are long and difficult, but doable with a lot of scaffolded support. I won't even talk about ReadyGen in this post...that will be for another day!

One thing about EngageNY is that it is very verbose...especially the word problems that they have the students practice. It is tough to get the students to see that there's more than one part to each problem...for some reason they just stop reading!

Teaching this program is very dry...the structure is bland, it's not differentiated, and there's nothing to keep the kids engaged...well...unless I do cartwheels and stand on my head! ;) haha

To add a little...(dare I say it...FUN!)... I created this project for my class...
There are 5 multi-step word problems focusing on place value, rounding numbers in thousands period (to the nearest thousand and ten thousand), and adding multi-digit whole numbers.

These are the low problems:


 There are also pages with lines for the students to explain their thinking in words.

I've uploaded this pack as a FREEBIE in my TpT Store and my Teachers Notebook Store!

I hope you enjoy!