February 22, 2012

Toddlers and Test Prep

Today officially marks the halfway point of my much needed vacation! Although, I really haven't been relaxing much, especially with 16 month old twins :o)

I've enter the fun, yet VERY challenging stage in motherhood--toddlers. I know you know what I'm talking about...the tantrum when one takes the others toy or the word "no' is uttered and young one doesn't like it. Oh and did I mention the picky eater...just.like.my.hubs! Feeding time is an adventure in itself...who would have known that peas...yes PEAS would save the day! Personally I think peas are one of the most disgusting foods, but he eats it (both prince and hubs)--go figure!

In my classroom, we're gearing up for...dare I say it...test prep and our very long journey to Canada! More on Canada later!

In preparation for the tests, I started to pull out all my test prep material and pile it by the fireplace...for burning storage. Well...princess was playing in her playpen with her brother when I hear different sounds streaming from her mouth--this wasn't the typical string of words and gibberish...it was new and fresh. I look over and what do I see, princess sitting on the floor, looking at a test prep book! A TEST PREP BOOK--not Sesame Street or the Berenstein Bears...TEST PREP! Not yet pumpkin, not yet! (Possibly a portent of things to come?)

I'll be working on some test preppy material and Canada resources...I hope to post them soon! Until then, what are your thoughts on test prep? How are you (or have been) preparing your friends?