August 21, 2017

August 17, 2017

Storage For My Classroom Library

Although I'm not actually back in the classroom yet, I still haven't stopped thinking about my classroom. It's been a summer full of reading blog posts, Facebook posts, and my own professional reading to help improve my craft. My brain never really stopped thinking about school.

With that in mind... I've been a little hung up on my classroom library. You can read about it HERE and HERE.

After reading and looking at my classroom pictures, something needed to change.

My first step in the plan was design... so I sketched out my perfect classroom layout...

Lofty...I know...but I think I can do it!

I'm making the library the center of the room--my kids never really sit at their desks during lessons, or independent work for that matter, so having the hub in the middle is perfect.

Unfortunately, I have very few bookshelves, so I need a creative way to make the books easily accessible to the kids.

      With a limited amount of space, I couldn't use the plastic storage bins--they are too bulky and can become very heavy!

I found these storage bags on Learn365 by Oriental Trading. This particular bag is a medium and it fits quite a few books! These bags are going to store my text sets and many can fit on one shelf. I'm even thinking of putting some of the bags around the outer edges of the library, so the kids can grab the bag and go. The only thing that may be difficult for the kids is re-zippering the bags. When the zipper gets to the corner, it gets stuck. When I lift and spread the seams, the zipper slides much easier. But it takes some practice 😉

I also found these clear adhesive pocket labels, which I love because I can easily change out the paper label for the set. I made the label, printed, cut, and quickly slipped it into the pocket label.
I'm excited to get these storage bags into my classroom and get my students immersed in books other than the ones in their leveled baskets!

I was provided products from Learn365 by Oriental Trading for the purposes of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

What are some creative ways you do to set up your classroom library?

 Let me know in the comments 😁