July 20, 2015

Fun, Fun, Fun Summertime Blog Hop

I'm so excited to be linking up! Getting students to beat the summer slide is certainly a challenge!
After thinking about my students and the lessons I taught, I was so excited to create this pack on Johnny Appleseed!

You can get this pack by clicking {HERE} It'll be discounted for the duration of the blog hop :)

And because I'm happy that you're visiting for this hop, here's a freebie for you...
It's a book recommendation form. I use these throughout the year and I have the students fill them out when they finish a book. You can get it {HERE}

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July 5, 2015

Plan With Me Sunday

I’m so excited to share my planner with you! I have to admit that my planner usually stays blank until the summer—it’s when I can really sit and think about my goals, products, and posts. The school year is overwhelmingly busy and with 3 monkeys in tow, life is anything but slow! Please tell me I'm not the only one!?!
The way I use my planner is less like a daily keep track and plan {occasionally I do use it to keep track of appointments and events on the calendar section} and more like a fancy notebook!
I don’t really pay attention to the day or the date—I jot what I’m thinking. In this case, I’m planning a tech series since I used a lot of technology in my classroom to differentiate my groups. I wrote my probing questions, decided to include a template, and listed my materials for my post.
I set my own due dates and if I miss them, I’m not really too hard on myself. I set a new one—no biggie!

In the products department, I’ve really lost my mojo. The curriculums that I’ve taught for the last two years were heavily scripted and dense that I have a hard time creating new products. I either don’t have the time to make them or I have no ambition to do so because of the other things I have to do. So I’m taking the summer to revisit some of my favorite products in the hopes of regaining my motivation…I’m hoping the baby steps work and new inspiration hits me!  
 How do you plan for your posts and products? Do you mix it with your daily to do lists or keep them separate? 

Don't forget to enter these awesome giveaways to help you get your planning started!

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