November 30, 2011


days like today! We had a field trip to see a magic show. It wasn't just any magic show--we learned about atoms, molecules, solutions, and compounds! The kids loved it too :o)

Did you know if you stare at a moving object for 30 seconds then look at something stationary--it'll magically get bigger! (You have to stay still and focused on the center in order for this to work!) I'm not kidding--I tried it! Good ole Aristotle discovered this after staring at a waterfall for awhile and looking away at the trees. He saw the trees magically got larger! Why does this happen? Well, when you look at a focal point of a moving object for an extended period of time, your eye muscles move inward. So when you look away, they 'stretch' back out. The opposite can happen too, where the object can shrink. It all depends on the movement of the swirl! Who knew?!

You can look at something like this:

Now look at someone's head--it's really cool!

Good luck and let me know if it works!! And just's almost Friday!

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