January 20, 2013

Winners and Multiplicative Comparisons

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On a side note...
                         is anyone else teaching multiplicative comparisons?
 It is a difficult concept for 4th graders--what makes it even harder is the lack of number sense associated with multiplication! I've been working backwards in terms of multiplication--teaching common core concepts from 3rd grade.

I started with basic exploration of multiplication using counters and creating arrays; exploring prime and composite numbers; along with identifying and defining the properties of multiplication--identity, associative, commutative, and distributive. I used a lot of BrainPop videos and foldables for our math notebooks to help teach these concepts and lots and lots of discussion! **Sorry there aren't any pictures for this part!)

Once I finally got to the 4th grade standard of teaching using comparison problems, I taught one type at a time (missing product, missing group, and missing number of groups).

Using the site K-5 Math Teaching Resources I was able to find a bunch of questions to use. (If you don't know about this site--it is awesome! There are so many valuable (and free) activities, suggestions, and printables for grades K-5! If you sign up for the newsletter, you get the updates in your inbox! Love, love, love it!!)

So I put together an activity book for my students with task cards!
The cover

The task cards--I printed one page for each table, cut them, and showed them how to rotate questions. I found these questions on the K-5 Math Teaching Resources 4th grade page.

This is the problem I modeled for them. It is the 2nd page of the book.

I made 2 copies of this page back to back for each student. This is where they showed their work for each of the task cards.
     And if you made it to the end of this post, I have this activity as a freebie! Click HERE to access the document! 
 **If you download this freebie, I'd love for you to follow my blog or leave a comment :) Thank you!!**

How are you teaching the new math standards? Do you find yourself creating your own materials? What are some useful sites you use?


  1. Multiplicative Comparisons Hmmm. I teach 4th. I teach multiplication. But, this is a new term for me (my heart rate is increasing because now I'm wondering if I SHOULD know what this is?!?) However, I LOVE that you included this freebie and the website so I can do some research. Is this common core? (I'm trying to remain calm- I still have time to teach this- haha...I'm so behind already!!) Thanks for sharing this! (I promise I'm not crazy- this is just that time I get stressed about fitting it all in!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Ok, I talked myself down off the ledge now that I see it IS common core and I do recognize it within the standard...I just sometimes ignore the vocabulary because it sounds weird. Phew. Ok. I'm good. But thank you for the post and the freebie!!


    2. Hi Amanda!
      I totally feel your pain about not being able to fit it all in! It is the nature of the teaching beast :)
      Multiplicative comparisons are common core based (4.OA. 1). The kids really need to think about what is missing from the problem and how they can solve it. I taught it through the integration of algebra (when they write the equation) to show the missing part as a variable. It was a lot of discussion about what part of the problem is missing, how to represent it, and how to solve for it.
      Once you do some research, if you have any questions, let me know and I can definitely try to help you with it :) My students aren't experts at this, but they do have a deeper understanding of multiplicative comparison problems.

    3. PS: You're too funny :) The vocab in CC is definitely weird--why can't they just use normal words? Why does everything have to be so complicated? haha

  2. Thank you so much! Soooo excited!

  3. Hi Guys! I just came across this blog in hopes to get some answers as to how, i as a parent, can help my 4th grader w/ multiplicative comparisons. I want to help her with better understanding on how these problems work. It seems like math in general is getting thrown at these kids much earlier than when I was in school. *ugh* I went into the 4th grade K-5 Math Teaching Resources and came across the 4.OA2 the Sample multiplicative comparison problems. I understand that it's only a "sample", but this is exactly or very close to what I was lookin for. But, is there a way I can possibly get the answers to it? Again as a parent its been awhile since i've been in school, nowadays, I'm havin to Google quite often. And this will help me to help her. Thanks in advance!

  4. This information was so amazingly helpful!! Thank you for sharing what you found. I am trying my hardest to make the 4th grade math journey achievable for my students. These will be very helpful!