May 28, 2017

Authentic Tasks vs. Project Based Learning

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I have to say that I am so jealous reading these blog posts about summer vacation...we are still knee deep in curriculum and still have a whopping 19 school days left...the 4th grade science written and performance task, a dance performance, a poetry cafe, one more field trip, and visitors coming to the school to see the work that we're doing around tasks.

Has anyone used authentic tasks in their classrooms or schools? From what I can tell from the research I've read, the difference between authentic tasks and project based learning is that with authentic tasks, the students come up with the problem, define the purpose and audience, and seek out solutions through their own inquiry. The projects are created and designed by the students. I'm dappling with this type of work as we close out the year, but I feel like I'm tip-toeing around the beach instead of diving right into the water.

Did anyone else feel like this? Any advice or words of wisdom?

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