October 18, 2012

A Rounding Solution :)

So this week, my focus was rounding--to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands. I worked on 3 different rounding strategies and was met with blank stares and confusion. 

The kiddos had the notes and the rules in their notebooks, but they were missing the application part of rounding--they needed to do something. 

Which brings me to this activity:

it emulates the use of an open number line! The street acts as the number line, the houses are the friendly numbers--in the picture it's ten thousands (the activity itself is from the tens to the millions!), and the tree marks the halfway point between the two friendly numbers.

The students place the card where it would fall on the number line and the number it's closest to.

I had my students work together in pairs, which helped facilitate discussions about what numbers to use and why.

The recording sheet helped keep the students accountable for their work :)

The activity itself is differentiated--the number cards stay the same and the places change from tens through the millions. The recording sheet is general and can work for all the places. 

The kiddos had fun playing the game and were able to round to the different places--I just had to remind them that the digits with the values larger than the place being rounded, stayed the same!

 To celebrate the upcoming weekend and successful rounding--I've marked this activity on sale through Sunday! Around the Block-common core aligned rounding activity from tens to the millions

Happy Friday :)

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