October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Fun and Giveaway Announcements

So...today was a day off...from school! While I enjoy being home with my little darlings, today was stressful!!

The morning was wonderful--everyone was having a great time...lunch went over well. More food in the bellies than on the floor...nap time--princess went right to sleep, prince wanted to play. It was all good--he was chillin' in his bed and it was the perfect opportunity to steal a shower! (Did I mention that the heat wouldn't turn on and the house was freezing?! No? Ok well...keep it in mind!)

While I was enjoying my baby free moment...what do I hear? Oh, right...that was the fire alarm going off...while I'm in the shower!! I'll spare you the details--just know there were many little puddles footsteps as I try to turn the alarm off...which by the way WoUlDn'T turn off!! Needless to say --the babies were up at that point! YaY! (Oh and apparently steam sets off alarms...especially if the house is really cold!! Who knew!?! It definitely wasn't the first thing that crossed my mind in my moment of freedom!)

Fast forward a few hours...to the witching hour (think between 6pm and 7pm)--the babies were playing so nicely (did I mention...princess ripped a huge fart and her loving brother went over to her, grabbed her diaper and said ca ca as she tried to get away?!?) when they thought it would be a good idea to STAND on the ottoman and play with objects on the mantle...um you know, like pliers!! Frazzled me took away their tools, got them both down, removed the ottoman from the corner to find an open outlet--needless to say, the  ottoman must stay where it is for now and on top of that---I broke a dish!

Luckily as I write this I can chuckle, especially now that my darlings are sound asleep :)

On a celebratory note, there are 2 giveaways I want to share with you...

Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper is celebrating 200 followers with a huge giveaway...

and Kate from The Wise Owl is celebrating 100 followers with another huge giveaway...

definitely check them out!

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