December 3, 2012

Product Review and Giveaway!

        I was recently provided the opportunity to review Jooners--a one-stop shop for all your event planning. Jooners is an online signup sheet that helps you organize and streamline your social event planning, like your next party, fundraiser, or classroom activity! In doing this review I received a premium membership and complimentary gifts, however, the opinions in this review are 100% mine.

     All basic accounts on Jooners are free and you can even create a signup sheet without signing up. There are signup sheets with already made templates around these categories: friends and family, community, school, sports, and seasonal. **Some signup sheets do have spelling mistakes--be sure to read each sheet and correct any errors before publishing.**

     As I looked through the site, the possibilities for the kinds of signup sheets are endless--a few that popped in my head are: carpooling schedules, classroom volunteers (like mystery readers), classroom donation signup, and celebration donations. (The one I chose to create was a winter celebration event.)

Here is what you see when you log on.
     Any signup sheets that you create are saved at the bottom of your homepage. You can see my signup sheet titled A Winter Celebration. (As part of the premium membership, you create and/or add your own image to your signup sheet, which is what I did below. It's a cool feature that allows you to personalize your sheets!)

    I wanted to plan an event, so I clicked on that button. There is also a button for collecting information (this is great if you need t-shirt sizes for sports teams or any other pre-event ideas.)

    Anything you type into the sheets can be saved as a draft and you can preview the signup sheet before posting. You can also create my own sections by clicking and dragging the section title onto your sheet.You can even add attachments to your signup sheet (I added "stocking letter" to mine, which goes along with an activity I want to do at the celebration--this is a great feature because it helps keep all documents related to the event in one place!)

      When you are ready to publish, you can send your signup sheet through email or you can provide your volunteers with a direct link. I love this feature because if I don't have someone's email address, I can post the link on my website or send the link address home with my student. If you choose to use email, Jooners has a great feature that allows you to import email addresses from Gmail/Google, Yahoo!, Outlook, Apple/IPhone, or Microsoft Excel. Or you can choose to type in the email addresses...

     **The published signup sheet does show your email and phone number for your recipients to see. The email you use to sign up for Jooners is the email that is posted. I did have to contact customer service because the email I used to sign-up was not the one I wanted my students' families to see. Customer service replied the next day and allowed me to change my email to one that I use for school. All correspondence was through email and the changes were made that day. So if you are planning to use this for school events, I recommend using an email that you don't mind parents seeing.**

    Speaking of privacy, Jooners doesn't sell member's information and they take safety/privacy breaches very seriously. I love that all my information is safe!

Jooners has graciously offered me the opportunity to giveaway 2 premium memberships (valued at $49.95)!!
Here's the advantages of a premium membership:

The giveaway will run from tonight 12/3 through 12/11. Winners will be chosen through Rafflecopter and announced on 12/12/12!! Good Luck :)

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