July 18, 2013

Word Nerds Chapter 6

I'm linking up with Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang for a book study on Word Nerds!

Teaching with a Touch of Twang

I am absolutely LOVING this book and all the amazing ideas for helping our students appreciate words!!  Check out the link ups for the other chapters if you haven't yet:

I am posting about Chapter Six: Celebrate to Validate today. Chapter six is filled with fun and interactive ways to celebrate the learning of new words!

The celebrations take place at the end of the vocabulary cycle--as a means of honoring learning. The authors warn us that the celebrations look a lot like the vocabulary practice, but there is one big difference. The celebrations show students confidently using their new words as way to review and apply across different contexts.

The best part of these celebrations is that they act as a review before the actual assessment! 

I compiled some of the main ways the authors celebrate--I am so excited to try some of these out in my room! I think the students will have so much fun :)

Click Here to access your own copy :)

How do you review in your room? Is there one type of celebration you really want to try?


  1. Thanks for sharing! That's a great handout!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. This books sounds so interesting. I am going to have to go look into it! Then come back for the handout....

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. This book is on my list to read, I'm nearly done with "Whole Brain Teaching" (by Chris Biffle). Not sure if I want to read "Daily Five" or this book next.

    1. Hi Lori!
      That's a tough choice! Luckily Word Nerds and Daily Five are easy reads :)

  4. Love it!!! There were so many good ideas in this chapter and your handout is a perfect tool to remember it all! Wonderful post! Thanks for hosting :)

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang