August 7, 2011

Did somebody say bananas?

 haha I've been watching way too much Nick Jr!

I've decided to take a little break and not think about school! I've been busy emptying and organizing my office! I can't get into my classroom yet, so my home office is the next best thing right?

And here's where the bananas come in...
      a beautiful bunch of spotted bananas! (It was quite hot today--90 degrees and super humid!) The kitchen smelled of bananas and, yes, you guessed it--these bananas were ready to be turned into bread! (Oh--sidebar--if you leave ripe bananas next to regular bread, your regular bread smells and tastes like banana! Which is pretty gross when you're trying to eat a hotdog and all you taste is banana! Lesson learned--all bread stays in the bread box or anywhere else far away from bananas!)

As we speak the real banana bread is in the oven baking away--I thought it would be fun if I posted the recipe. It's super easy and the bread tastes delicious!

Here's a pic of my recipe:

I retyped it...
                    banana bread

                                          for anyone who'd like to try it!

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