August 3, 2011

A peek into my classroom--Part 3

Here's the rest of my room (from last year)! Luckily, I still have a lot of summer left!

Classroom 2010-2011

Once I got back to work from maternity leave, much of my thinking changed.

Before I had children, all my charts were perfect and I usually did most of the upkeep in the room often staying there until 5 or 6 at night. 

However, after my maternity leave ended, my outlook changed. I didn't have time to write every chart perfectly or put up these elaborate bulletin boards. (I had to leave with the students--no after school for me!) This is where I handed these jobs over to my monitors. (I had a bunch of students who would join me for lunch and do an assortment of jobs for me--they wrote out vocabulary, created my job board, wrote the names for the 100% homework club, they kept track of incomplete homework, they marked in-class assignments, just to name a few.

The rest of the class had other jobs that they did either in the morning, throughout the day, or at the end. That left me to plan, gather necessary materials, and teach!

Ultimately, the classroom ran itself--a truly student-centered place. I hope I can recreate that with my new class!


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